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HIS archive is continuously being updated and offers a tantalising glimpse, into the illustrious heritage of the company's forebearers and predecessors. This is for them. So, take a step back in time and affirm one's investment, knowing that one is buying into quality British craftsmanship as well as the enduring story of innovation, resilience, and unparalleled excellence.

Cast one's minds back to the mid eighteenth century. London was booming and expanding at a great pace. British Politics was being modernised by Mr. If one had ambition and determination in abundance, along with competitively priced finely made goods, then Georgian London was the place to be. For Nobility and Gentry, down to the working man, whips of all kinds made for an essential piece of equipment.

With his very own manufactory on-site, he sold not only complete whips of the highest quality but also the individual components that made them. One of Mr Hawkes' caps can be seen on Mr. Ross' circular trading tokens. Lord Wyndham would go on to be noted as the greatest patron of British artists in the first third of the nineteenth century. From ferrules in silver and nickel to a spare lash and the eye or loop for attaching it to a crop, Mr.

Ross established a reputation for producing only the finest products. Despite the fire ofthe business bounced back and reopened at No. Ross and his wife Susanna were tremendously successful. To keep up with the increasing demand Mr. Ross took continued to take on several whip-making apprentices including Messrs. Records show that in back Mr. Knowland was tried and convicted of stealing one hundred horse-whips, thirty gross of silk lashes for whips, three hundred silver caps for whips, and one hundred whip handles.

Knowland denied the charges to the end and even added that he often made whips and sold them on himself. Living at No. Together they had acquired an impressive property portfolio, including several houses along Tottenham Court Road. They even owned and leased out next door at No. However, all good things must come to an end. Two Sex with black man Brigg, by the names of Mr. James Swaine and Mr. Benjamin Slocock, were named as successors to the business in John and his wife Mrs. He Bequeathed everything to his beloved in a brief and modest Last Will and Testament.

Ross herself followed her husband to the grave in Having had a remarkable marriage together of thirty-eight years, it is only in Susanna's Will that their generosity and popularity are truly recognised. Susanna's Will is some five s long. Having had no surviving children themselves, their worldly estates were left to their nearest and dearest friends and their children. One of whom was affectionately named John Ross Gallant, after the pioneer who set the precedent and laid down the foundations for successors to build on thereafter. He was fifteen at the time and had lost his father, a Baker by the name of Mr.

This was a golden opportunity for James to prove himself. Slocock certainly thought so as he played a substantial financial role in buying out Mr. Help was always on hand from Mr. Slocock was a freeman of the Brewer's Company and so were also apprenticed to acting master Mr. London meanwhile itself was growing too; congestion was becoming a problem.

It must have been quite a sight and was a hugely successful time for the business, despite years of upheaval. Edward completed his apprenticeship three years beforehand and was ready to step up and take his place by his father's side. Sadly, Benjamin Jr. This devastating blow seemed to be the catalyst for his father's retirement from the partnership, for when Benjamin Sr rewrote his will the following month he described himself as a gentleman of Camden Town, who had been formerly in partnership with James Swaine of Piccadilly, whip-maker.

Britain underwent somewhat of an identity crisis in the early part of the nineteenth century. The Industrial Revolution brought about melancholy for the working man; cheated of the satisfaction of a hard days labour. People of all classes found themselves yearning for the romance of the Middle Ages. To this day, Britain, unlike many other countries, would prefer to forge ahead by harking back.

Despite being at the cutting edge of technology, Britain felt more empowered and even renewed when buying into something that was presented steeped in history and honouring the past. This is perhaps best showcased by the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, with its unmistakable Gothic Revival Sex with black man Brigg. ATHER and son flourished and with the introduction of a new business partner inbusiness was booming.

The company decided it was time to relocate west.

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Piccadilly Circus had become a major through route by that time, and one can imagine that they felt that they deserved a premises more befitting of their outstanding reputation. Confidently nestled between Mr. It placed the company amidst the gentlemen's clubs of St. James's and suggests the company was to focus on the elite end of the whip market.

Yet, despite its smart location, the new premises was eminently suited to manufacturing.

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In parts, it was five storeys high, on top of a basement, although most of the workshops were to be concentrated on three floors only. It was ideally suited to the company's needs and would remain its home for the Sex with black man Brigg one Sex with black man Brigg and sixty years. Shortly after, aged seventy-one, James Swaine died at his home in Stanwell. He had undoubtedly honoured the respected efforts of his predecessor, Mr.

Ross, and secured his whip-making legacy in his son and heir Edward and partner Mr. Adeney's father, of the same name although an Adney, owned a tailoring business in Charles Street, Westminster. Incidentally, a lease in the form of 'Adeney' was placed to secure the correct pronunciation. It wasn't until that the business relocated to Sackville Street, where it would both remain and thrive for some one hundred and seventy years.

Sadly William Sr. Both James and Edward were the ed witnesses at their marriage, a role traditionally reserved for both sets of parents. Also in Mr. Sarah was the wife of Mr. Their growing family lived some thirty-three miles away in the historic village of Cookham. After a brief time living in Brunswick Place, London, they eventually emigrated to the United States.

Throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, there was what was described as an evangelical awakening. Edward and William together played senior roles across various societies, throughout Westminster. Adeney is noted by the family as being the founding father of a long line of pioneering evangelical clerics within the Adeneys, that subsequently emigrated to a young Australia and would become prominent figures in their own right. It marked the dawning of a new age. One of unprecedented growth and success for the family-run company, it saw the introduction of all sorts of new goods, and ultimately it was to be an age of what James wanted for the business all along; worldwide recognition, for unparalleled excellence.

It was the beginning of the Victorian era. The first young monarch to have been appointed since His Majesty King George III had come to the throne ina twenty-two year old Queen Victoria was a fine horsewoman in her own right and a breath of fresh air for the British Empire. Swaine too injected fresh air into the company when taking on his nephew Mr. Census records show that Mr. Adeney was fifteen and his uncle by this time was forty-five years old. James married Edward's daughter Miss. The business demanded an eventual successor and would certainly find it in the newly weds. Isaac retired from the partnership on 30th of September One can imagine this was to familiarise customers with the introduction of Mr Adeney ahead of William's departure.

F you were to have taken an omnibus along London's Knightsbridge in the summer ofyou would have seen an astonishing sight. Glittering among the trees was an ethereal palace made of glass, deed by Mr. It was as tall as the trees, indeed taller because the building arched over two of them already growing there, as if, like giant plants in a glasshouse, they had been transplanted with no disturbance to their roots. A shower of rain washed the dust from the glass and made it glitter all the more.

Nothing like this had been seen in London, ever. Across a floor space of almost 20, square metres, more than sixty nations displayed the latest in industrial de. The Great Exhibition was the brainchild of H. Queen Victoria's Consort and husband, H. Britain was at peace. The Chartists had meekly delivered their Petition to the House of Commons in three cabs and gone home. England was experiencing a manufacturing boom.

This was the time to show off, on the international stage. Seizing the day, the Queen's Whip-Maker showcased their best to the world. As part of a celebration of exquisitely handcrafted delights and the practical and logical engineering of modern industry.

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For the very first time, tradition and innovation beautifully complemented one another under one roof. There were someobjects, displayed along more than ten miles, by over 15, contributors.

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It was a typically highly organised stroke of genius from H. Prince Albert, and over its five-month run, it attracted over six million visitors to a vast space four times the size of St. Peter's in Rome. Uncle and Nephew Messrs. It was heralded as being 'illustrative of the universal and pacific character of the Exhibition. With the passing of the illustrious s, The British Empire suddenly found itself in mourning. In December H. Prince Albert succumbed to typhoid fever in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and five of their nine children.

Just four months later on 22nd Aprilwhilst in preparations for the much anticipated second act of the Great Exhibition ofEdward Swaine died, aged sixty-six.

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