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I have been reading all the messages here in the Guestbook and I must say some people get really upset when their political views are questioned. My first reaction to all these views is "thank You" to our founding fathers for having the foresight to make it our right to speak our minds no matter what our minds come up with. There are still several places in this world that would put you to the sword for less than I have read here. My second reaction is that most of you have missed the boat by blaming the president for the problems of this country.

He is, fter all, only one man. The bigger problem is the Congress and thats the place to start reform, if you ask me. Until we get term limits in place and not allow any congressman to serve for 20 years like Mr. Kerry and his ilk then all the problems discussed here will continue and nothing will ever change.

That goes for Republicans, too. Terms ought to be limited to two and no election for two more terms. That Wv sex personals mulligans pool league break up the "good old boy" syndrome in DC and make it much more difficult for special interests to promote their agendas. Congress will never vote for term limits because that would put most of them out of business and they are in business for sure. We the voters must do this ourselves by voting in new congressmen each year and dumping the old guys. There ought to be an age limit on Congress, too, say 60 or so. We need fresh new ideas in Congress and youthful congressmen with the energy to carry them out.

So chew on that for awhile and remember that the president can say anything he wants to get your vote but nothing happens until Congress says it can happen. Your post is very well written with good grammar and no spelling errors that I can see. Your intellectual superiority is obvious to me, BUT please humor me and share some of the exact "political terminology" or the particular "way in which our government operates" or even possibly some "matters of legality" that you are "amazed" by.

How about recommending a specific book that I could read on Sunday instead of watching the Patriots so that I could then initiate some "intelligent discourse" with you?

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While we're on the subject: You know what "amazes" me? It's those people who possess a gift of better understanding and who are obviously blessed with a keener sense than the rest of us who offer nothing but the fact that we are all below them. By the way, recently while dealing in a "matter of legality," my prayer was answered for guidance as to what to do when the message came through my heart and up to my head clear as clear could be.

I truly understood it as a miracle. The recent letter from Brian Doherty about morality and the recent election is off the mark. The morality being referenced by the voters who put George Bush back in office is primarily related to turning back the tide of gay and lesbian activism.

In a New York Times article today, Barney Frank who is gay stated that the mass marriages of gays and lesbians in San Francisco galvanized conservative opposition. Well John, the "right wing whackos," as you call them, say hello to you from the right. Where are you, oh is that you waaaaaay over there on the left? Yup, that's John. Believer in baby killing and turning the flag upside down and same-sex marriages and whatever else his "left wing whackos" espouse. Seems like many of you are kinda out of touch with the pulse of moral America, John.

In fact it looked like an old-fashioned ass-kicking to me.

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Even good old boy T. Dakota, huh? Oh, too bad. I would LOVE to go face to face with a socialist. Yeah, John, if I sound like I am piling it on, I am. I have listened to your garbage for a long time. I have taken your shots at me time after time. And to find out in the end that America says morals do count and extreme liberalism is a dead duck and John Owen is out of touch, well that warms me, John. Have fun stewing for the next four. You and Kennedy and Kerry and Meehan and Edwards and the whole lot of you are just last week's newspaper.

Move a bit toward the middle, my adversary, and maybe someone will listen to you. Do me a favor and click on hannity. Even you will be amazed. Junk mail? I think not, John. You just won't let the message sink in. Too bad. Howard, I laugh at you. You believe yourself. That's hysterical!

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And don't get all bloated and explode your goo here again because Bush won. He only won HALF of the country. I see bumper stickers saying "No one died when Clinton Lied. I'm amazed as I read the commentary on the election how often political terminology is misused, how little is understood about the way in which our government operates and how often a LEGAL issue is argued with religious belief rather than matters of legality.

Perhaps the way to make America better is for Americans to shut off the TV and read a book.

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The founders of this country would be ashamed at the lack of intelligent discourse that takes place in this country. Rich, to call what you do "discussion" is laughable. You take a position, close your eyes, cover your ears and bellow. I added you to my junk mail list because you were sending me junk mail. I read the first 20 or so messages and they all conveyed the lack of thoughtfulness and simplemindedness that is your hallmark. I simply had enough of your forwarding me mail from right-wing simpletons and religious wackos. No wonder so many people do not use their real names in the Guestbook.

Way to go, Nancy! I have been saying the same thing.

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I am glad someone out there feels the same way as me. One thing that does bother me that will not stop is something that everyone is overlooking. It doesn't matter who gets into office when you have lobbyists who are being paid ridiculous sums of money by big business to get laws passed that only make things worse for the average working-class American.

Rich is right about one thing. I have a daughter who is a history major with a 4. If we don't learn from our mistakes we will be forced to relive them at a later time. We must stop the terrorism of innocent people. It is not only happening in other countries, but also right here in our own country by some of our own citizens who are sympathetic to these off-the-wall groups.

We will revert to socialism and then who knows, maybe communism. The way that will happen is by allowing the government to keep growing out of control and having more and more to say in our personal lives. I think I'll get off my soap box before I offend anyone.

But just because the election is over, don't get too comfortable because it still goes on behind the scenes. I think our election process has become a dirty mud-slinging event and we need to clean it up! They need to run on the issues, not how many skeletons are in each other's closet!! I heard on the radio this morning that you can support a soldier in Iraq for the holidays by going to the following website: WWW. Let us please put all our policital beliefs aside and help our troops get through this holiday season.

I guess it's easier for Wv sex personals mulligans pool league Owen to add me to his junk mail list than it is for him to read items on "both" sides of an issue and discuss them. I noticed one thing about him, he loves to label but not discuss. Just sling the name-calling mud and turn your back and walk away, right, John?

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What is it like to live in your cowardly, socialist world? I hope I never find out. Eric and I just wanted to give a big thanks to The Sun Chronicle for publishing a small article on our experience at the Red Sox parade. It was an amazing experience to just be a part of the parade, but to be recognized on the front of The Sun Chronicle was very special, too. It will be the perfect opener for our collection of clippings of this Incredible evnt in history. Thank heaven tomorrow is the final day of all this Bush vs. The TV commercials and late night jokes and Guestbook banter should be done, or will it?

I have some dear friends who are pro Kerry and some … including myself … who are pro Bush. I have had my pro Kerry friends tell me why they think he is so great and why they are voting for him. What do you think my reaction to them has been? Why lose friendships over what all of us have … which is free will to vote for who we choose. That's the beauty of America.

Wv sex personals mulligans pool league

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