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Although going retro can be expensive when buying a new motorcyclethere are plenty of excellent wallet- and credit-friendly choices in the visually appealing genre. We present them to you in order from most expensive to least. While that is off-putting to some, others love the s look. A bobber at heart, the Harley-Davidson Iron comes with a stylish high handlebar, trendy headlight cowling, and traditionally racing-oriented fork gaiters.

With tons of torque on tap, a low-slung chassis, and sensible ergonomics, the Iron works as a great urban motorcycle. This one caught us off-guard. Stable handling and that nice air-cooled motor work together to provide a pure riding experience. The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer has the iconic air-cooled powerplant that displaces cc. Modern features include fuel injection, ABS, traction control, aluminum wheels, and a four-piston Brembo caliper for the mm front disc. Put it all together, and you have a motorcycle that is a great ride that gets admiring looks wherever you take it.

The bobbed fenders look great, as does the sleek fuel tank. The exhaust and single-shock swingarm bring things into the 21st century, though not obtrusively. The chassis handles the muscular motor nicely, and the fully upright seating position is comfortable for all-day rides, and you look cool every single moment.

This is quite a bit of retro motorcycle for the money. Triumph has an exceptional grasp of its history, and its Modern Classic line is an engrossing mixture of contemporary Vintage big single motorcycle retro. The liquid-cooled motor looks air-cooled, and the throttle bodies are nicely disguised. It has aluminum wheels rather than wire-spoke, but the Triumph Street Twin does have a traditional seat and twin shocks. Plus, the round headlight looks period-perfect.

Handling and power are first-rate, and the suspension is up to modern standards.

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This is a great motorcycle in all situations. The engine is fantastically torquey, and it is a superb motorcycle in-town and in the canyons. If you want the best-looking and most authentically retro of the eight-motorcycle line, the Moto Guzzi V7 III Special is the way to go. It has the wonderfully torquey air-cooled V-twin motor that makes Moto Guzzis so much fun to ride. Plus, you get wire-spoke wheels, beautiful splashes of chrome, a brown seat, and a nice round headlight.

There are times when less is better, and the Indian Scout Sixty makes that argument.

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With 22 fewer horses and just a five-speed transmission, the Scout Sixty turns out to be a better urban motorcycle than the standard Scout. The chassis is agile, and the lower power output is more than enough for blitzing around town or taking on the local canyon, and it is less fatiguing. The styling is decidedly retro and Indian-faithful, even though the powerplant is liquid-cooled with EFI. If you showed someone the Iron in when the Sportster line was born, they would immediately recognize it. Yes, it has an updated Evolution motor, cut the Harley-Davidson Iron still has an air-cooled V-twin powerplant and twin shocks.

Updates from include EFI, disc brakes, and aluminum wheels. The Iron has just the right amount of power for urban barnstorming. The pound chassis is agile, with a subinch seat height. In the world of retro motorcycles, the Yamaha XSR is decidedly retro-lite. The chassis and crossplane-concept parallel-twin are absolutely modern des. The tank and paint recall earlier generations of motorcycles, as does the round headlight and taillight. If you want a wholly contemporary motorcycle with a touch of old school styling, the Yamaha XSR is a perfect choice.

Retro in style with an air-cooled cc V-twin motor, twin shocks, wire-spoke wheels, and bobbed fenders, the Yamaha Bolt has contemporary suspension, handling, and engine performance. Along with the standard Bolt, there is also a Bolt R-Spec, which upgrades to piggyback reservoir shocks still retro-styled and mag-style wheels. That makes the Bolt the more retro of the two, while the R-Spec is the superior handler due to improved rear suspension.

Lean and low, plus dark and mean in appearance, the Honda Shadow Phantom is the menacing choice in the Shadow line. The basic chassis and cc engine are the same as the Shadow Aero, but the drag-style handlebar improves handling considerably. Urban twisties are not a challenge on the Honda Shadow Phantom, and its slightly oversquare degree V-twin is happy to spin up a bit for sporty performance. The five-speed transmission gets the job done on this pound cruiser.

The motor is a bit more contemporary, with liquid cooling, three-valve he, and Vintage big single motorcycle. The wide rubber-mounted handlebar gives the Aero front-end a vague feeling in the canyons. However, that flex soaks up urban road imperfections with ease, along with the basic-yet-competent suspension.

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In fact, the XRL has roots dating back to the early s, with the model very close to the debut edition. It is tall and weighs in at pounds with the 2. On the upside, the Honda XRL a great commuter motorcycle that is more than ready for freeway duty. Even better, the well-deed lowering kit brings the seat down to an approachable When you fill the 3. Period-correct inch wheels are shod with fairly narrow Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires. The good news is that the GT is a stable motorcycle in the canyons, with a motor that rewards a smooth riding style.

Fully upright and fancy-free, the Royal Enfield INT is an all-new de that flies the retro flag proudly. The SOHC twin is air-cooled and fuel-injected, bringing along 47 horsepower at rpm, plus 38 ft-lbs of torque at rpm. The motor is the star, as it is smooth and builds speed predictably.

Instead, the INT is a casual sport motorcycle, that also works great for urban duty. The Royal Enfield Bullet is arguably the most retro motorcycle sold. Only fuel injection, electric starting, and a front disc brake tips you off that 70 years have passed since its introduction. The best part is, the Bullet remains a fantastic ride. Slightly undersquare, the five-speed Bullet likes to be shifted early.

A relatively new member of the Royal Enfield family, the Himalayan is deed to do exactly what its name promises—cross the Himalayans. The long-stroke cc air-cooled SOHC motor is no powerhouse, putting out just Instead, it is about chugging along to its deation, no matter what. The air-cooled two-valve motor has a carburetor, and the entire package dates back to the s. The suspension is stone age, though the styling of the plastic and seat has enjoyed a few updates over the years.

Underneath that, you are still getting a retro dual-sport Vintage big single motorcycle that is great for around-town riding, and light-duty trail riding. Electric start is a welcome update that moves the Vintage big single motorcycle DRS a bit farther along on the evolutionary scale. Another Yamaha dating back to the s with few updates is the fat-tired dual-sport Yamaha TW Instead, the TW is a fun way to get around town, and it gives you the option of taking that little dirt trail you spied along the way.

That means you can get away will all sorts of shenanigans without being called out for it. You still get a Mikuni-carbureted V-twin air-cooled motor, twin shocks, wire-spoke wheels with Cheng Shin tires, a rear drum brake, and nothing in the way of fancy electronics. The long-stroke engine has impressive torque, so acceleration around town is enough to keep you out of the way of traffic.

Handling and suspension are up to the job at hand—getting your around town inexpensively. The suspension travel of four inches works fine with the size of the Monkey, and is aided high-profile tires. Handling if agile, though not nervous. The ergonomics are compact, but not uncomfortable. You can even take it on the dirt as long as you are mindful of the limited ground clearance. The Monkey is as fun as the name sounds. The history of the Cub goes back toand over million Super Cubs have been sold globally. The four-speed transmission is a semi-automatic de, so new riders only need to learn how to shift—clutch action is automatic.

Reliability is as good as it gets, and you can ride all day before having to refill the tiny one-gallon gas tank. Ron Lieback got to ride it at the track, and he tells us all about it. In the secnd segment we meet Brian Weston from Arai helmets. Check out the new Yamaha R7 here! in. Log into your. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password.

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