Looking for a discreet cheater

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And despite the increasingly flexible definitions of relationships, ificant others continue to step out on their relationships and their partners. That sick, nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, you are absolutely certain your partner is cheating on you. Now you want proof. Do be mindful that some of these methods are not only potentially irreconcilable breaches of privacy especially if your beau or belle proves innocentthey may also be legally questionable.

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Please try another browser. Getty Images. Watch for these key behaviours that indicate something may be up: Are they uber-protective of their phone? Do they seldom part with it and take it everywhere they go? Do they always keep it out of sight? Or always face down? You know the type Is the phone always locked or does it have a privacy screen on that obscures what your partner is doing on it from most over-the-shoulder angles? On iPhones, look for the half-moon symbol in the upper right corner. Related: 10 times women cheated and why.

You now have access to their phone no matter how many times they change their password. Related: 11 s a cheater will cheat again. Luckily, some people may be less protective of their computer passwords, and if they use Google Chrome, you may be able to unlock many if not all of their passwords Do a quick scan and see if any illicit sites jump out pro-tip: Ashley Madison is a bad. All these passwords, all at your fingertips. Related: 10 things cheaters always say, relationship therapist shares. How to catch a cheater: Download keyloggers This software can be installed in a computer and the cheating person using it would never know it's running in the background.

These programs can record whatever you want, see the passwords they use, the s they send, the s they visit, even record them using the computer. Kind of creepy but you do what you have to do. Related: 15 s your partner is about to cheat. How to catch a cheater: Use a spyware app Like keyloggers, but for a phone. If nothing else has worked, or you simply want complete access to your partner's phone, all you need to do is install one like Spy Tracker on their device and you will instantly have access to everything they do.

A monitoring app is the ultimate Looking for a discreet cheater to bust a cheater once and for all. Though keep in mind that there are possible legal ramifications if they decide to take action. Related: These 18 celebrities had affairs with the help — and got caught. Alternately, for Android users the Google TImeline feature tracks similarly in the Google Maps app or even Google Maps online, if they are logged in while moving about.

If your SO uses an iPhone, there are several options you can use beyond tapping into a family where location sharing is enabled Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app can be helpful here. The following are additional ways to keep tabs on your beau or belle as well. With an app like Spy Looking for a discreet cheater or a super-small GPS device that can be fixed to the underside of your unfaithful spouse's car, you can see where they go, then catch them at that sleazy motel or worse, that luxury resort you two never went to with their pants around their ankles.

You'll be busting the affair in real time. Related: 10 s your partner is a narcissist.

How to catch a cheater: Track their movements with Uber and Waze Uber conveniently has a safety function that allows a user to indefinitely share their ride status with others. For Waze, scan their drive history by clicking on the magnifying glass icon each destination appears alongside a clock icon.

How to catch a cheater: Check text messages, other messaging apps, and more If your partner's been super-protective of his or her phone, and you suspect they're being unfaithful, try and sneak a peek at their messaging apps if you can. While no software can definitively show you how to find out the true identity of a caller, there are apps like Reverse Phone Lookup App for iPhone.

Once you have that, make a note of any s you find and contact the mystery caller yourself to bust a cheater once and for all. Plus, don't miss the top 10 surprising facts about cheating you really ought to know. How to catch a cheater: Look for hidden audio or photo files In addition to hidden messages, your partner may also be hiding audio or photo files. If your partner knows their way around the latest gadgets and apps, they may be secretly embedding images into other audio or picture files.

Making them is easy with DeepSound and QuickStego, and what may look like a funny animal picture may in fact be a steamy nude. You will need to know a special keystroke or code to unlock the file. How to catch a cheater: Check their trash folder One should respect another person's privacy, of course, but if you suspect your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating or your wife or husband is having an affair and you are ready to see it for yourself, then try going into his or her trash folder on all potential evidence-storing apps photos, notes, s, etc. If they're actively ing with Looking for a discreet cheater else, they may have forgotten to permanently delete any conversations.

While you're at it, you might also want to check their computer's recycle bin for any incriminating photos. If you find anything, then you can kick this human trash to the curb. Related: 10 secrets your cheating husband is keeping from you. How to catch a cheater: Keyword log You can search every letter of the alphabet in the various search tabs on modern devices. Related: How to trust and be trusted in a relationship. How to catch a cheater: Check bank statements If you have a tthis is that much easier, but now there are also multiple ways to pay for trysts, including PayPal, points, even GroupOn.

Just look for transactions you don't recognize particularly for obvious things like lingerie, jewellery, hotel or restaurant bills. Anything out of the ordinary that could be a of infidelity. Modern software like Mint not only manages your money but you might just be glancing at his or her phone when a monthly expense notification appears. Make a copy or take a screenshot of anything suspect and keep it hidden in a safe place as you continue your investigation in the hopes of catching that cheater red-handed.

Related: Your spouse is more likely to cheat if they're in this line of work. How to catch a cheater: Check the Cloud It's one thing to spot a liar, it's another to suspect that they've been receiving messages or pictures from another love interest. Just because your partner's deleted photos from his or her computer doesn't mean that they still don't exist somewhere, waiting for you to uncover. If your spouse is hiding pics and selfies and other unfaithful memories, it'll be in his or her Cloud storage.

How to catch a cheater: Create a fake profile You can log on to those websites that promote cheating spouses you know the ones and keep a look out for your spouse. Or you can start a little smaller, and create a Facebook or Instagram profile and see if he or she bites. If they're interested in meeting up or hooking up, they're on the hook. Related: 10 s you're falling out of love. How to catch a cheater: Use hidden cameras or voice recorders Place a spycam or recording device in the room where your partner escapes to when they want alone time.

If he's playing video games or watching his favourite show, cool. If they're on the phone, chatting with someone online or doing any other funny business behind your back that could lead to them being unfaithful, you'll know soon enough. Related: These are the reasons why men cheat. How to catch a cheater: Confront him or her At this point, you have all the evidence you need to prove that your husband is cheating; now it's time to confront them. You just need to be prepared for what they have to say.

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Looking for a discreet cheater

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