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Since decades, explorers and adventurists have been travelling across India to experience its kaleidoscope of cultural and geographical diversity. And the best transport for this wonderful feat still remains as a motorcycle. Even for locals, over the Biker seekers dating motorcycling has transformed from just being a mode of transport to becoming a lifestyle. Motor-enthusiasts and travellers in India have recognized the uniqueness of the thrill that motorcycling can offer and accordingly there has been a continuous surge for its demand. A few years later inhe bought himself a Royal Enfield Standard cc.

I would always sit on the tank and imagine I was riding it! With the wind brushing past my face and flowing through my hair, I was determined to become a rider when I grew up! But joy of joys it came so easy, felt like I have been doing this for a while! Also Read: Female bikers set world record for largest bike meet.

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I started riding inwhen Enfield was probably the only Roter available in India. The most legendary thump so far has been of CI Engines. You could enjoy every beat of its heart! I have experienced the Enfield in all its glory from hills to highways, riding through various parts of North India and Rajasthan.

I bonded with this brute so well that in I decided to take on a challenge covering 2,km in a span of 3. In the cold winters of January, three riders set off to the borders of Rajasthan touching Tanot and Longewalaen-route Jodhpur.

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Days used to be warm and nights were frosty. Night temperatures used to drop down to spine chilly levels with only the heat from my Enfield 's heart as warmth. We successfully completed our feat in the decided time span. Bikes teach you a lot. The more you keep riding, the more you bring back as lessons and countless memories.

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Sadly moving out of country for a couple of years stood me up against the hardest decision. I had to sell off my Enfield! With my foreign stint over, I was back in the country. The first thing I did was to quickly purchase a Standard Bullet cc, which has the carburettor engine. Amongst all models sold by Royal Enfield, I would always prefer and recommend serious riders to go for the carburettor engine as it is the most reliable so far.

The most optimum speed I realised for Bullet cc is anywhere between kmph. After that the bike tends to vibrate affecting its stability and comfort. What I love most about my bike? It connects with you and gives you the feeling of handling a big machine.

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Definitely a great companion for long distances! Classic is a great bike for riding within city limits. This bike has a bit more torque and power than Standardbut in terms of reliability Biker seekers dating would rate the Standard to be higher than Classic. Just some crunching; maximum power of Classic is Maximum power of Standard is Today as a motorcyclist I witness motorcycling clubs mushrooming across the country. It is a cult which shall continue to seamlessly grow for centuries to come and I find this extremely exciting.

Motorcycle clubs foster brotherhood and oneness amongst riders. Also Read: Best 5 scooters for women and girls. Riding for me is all about exploring myself and knowing how far I can push beyond boundaries! It is not just pushing the machine or your physical abilities, but the excitement and learning that comes along the way.

Real thrill should always be accompanied by giving utmost priority to safety. Riding safe is equally important as riding well! I believe that everybody should prepare before any adventure. Biking is an adventure sport and its rules shall always be respected. A certified helmet as per International standards DOT, ECE of the prefect size and well-fitted gear should not be treated as an expenditure, but rather as an investment.

This investment alone can incubate your life and assure that you meet your dream without being stopped by any exigencies.

Biker seekers dating

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