Wanting company when i go on my vacation

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Managing time-off requests fairly while balancing the demands of the organization is challenging.

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If you have restrictive time-off policies, it will be harder to attract top talent. If your policies are too loose, you may wind up with staff shortages that hamper your productivity. But has grown more difficult to manage time off. At the beginning of the year, when the COVID pandemic was just getting started, many workers may have held off on taking their vacation.

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Now, as the summer progresses, you may find that everyone wants to take their vacation at the same time! Here are some strategies for managing time-off requests in a way that benefits workers and the company. When the pandemic lessons, many workers will likely want to take some time off.

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They may have been hoarding the time to save it in case they got sick or had to care for a loved one. Can employers restrict workers from taking PTO? State and municipal laws vary by geography, so be sure to check in with your HR team to understand the rules that govern your business. According to legal firm Hogan Lovellsmost employers have a PTO policy that states they can change it should the situation require it.

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Again, check on the legalities surrounding this issue. The firm suggests the following ideas to help mitigate a rush of vacation requests:.

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One thing to consider is how any of these changes will be viewed by employees. If your company is smaller, you could potentially hold a meeting to discuss the dilemma and ask the employees themselves how to handle the barrage of PTO requests.

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Another excellent solution to the problem of simultaneous vacation requests is hiring temporary workers to fill any scheduling gaps caused by time-off. The Custom Group of Companies has temporary workers standing by to help you should your employee PTO requests threaten to slow production.

We have a variety of staffing solutions for you to consider. Talk with our team today to find out more. Related Posts view all ยป. Free Yourself From Your Inbox read story.

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