Mature is a Port Allen at daytime

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Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Most Recent Reviews Read Mature is a Port Allen at daytime reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. I know years ago, they tried to fix a gloryhole there, but someone re-opened it.

Please help! New Iberia. Just let somebody invite you in to their booth, or invite them in to your booth. Once the door is locked, just drop your pants. Yeah, it can be boring waiting around, but it's definitely possible! I've certainly found several hotties over time! Lots of married men looking for BJ's.

I always leave satisfied. Best action we have had in a long time! The young Hispanic girl at the front was nice and polite. A grey-headed guy in back gave me the best blowjob I I haven't seen any posts in a very long tme. What is the best time and what days of the week? It's a really nice area. You just get on the levee and drive all the way toward the lake. It's really nice and private. There were quite a few people with boats fishing and There's a boat launch. I've driven through Norco a couple of times and passed a Shell gas station right on Airline highway, but didn't see the place.

Did I miss it? And I even beat the charges! Fuck them all! By the way, some of you need to get your facts straight before commenting. The state representative that got arre I did not go anywhere. And I don't think many of the others did either. Sixteen men were busted, their pics put in the paper. They basically had to leave this small town. Posted Aug 7 I wouldn't go here.

The police are assholes, arresting people and charging them with felonies. After the congressman got arrested last year you'd think visitors would learn this is no longer Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Port Allen. Really clean place. Well lit, decent video machines. Gloryhole between two of the booths. Great viewing room in the back.

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Got blown by a good looking white dad type. It can be active at other times too but a good rule of thumb is to check the back parking lot. If the parking lot is empty the theat It's about a five to ten minute drive from Baton Rouge. Located by Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 8 A lot of gay guys hang out and do their grocery shopping here. Several have followed me to the men's room and fucked me hard in the handicap stall a lot of room. The library is still open according to the university web site.

What about the tower? Tech intramural gym sauna and steamroom is a better place to cruise. Saint Amant. Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 28 There's cum all over the stalls and plenty of messages, but no action today. Will try later. Turn right, west, onto Lake Street next to Holiday Inn. Go over the railroad tracks and then another right onto Clyde Fant Parkway.

Continue about three or four miles to Jimmie Davis Bridge, look for s, area to the left. Young and hung here. Names, photos, and partial addresse Posted Jul 28 I am a crossdresser and have been here several times with great luck each time. I take my time walking through from south to the north to the big tree and have always had someone me. I can usuall It's usually not attended by employees so you can have as much fun as you want to.

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I have jacked a few and sucked some,too. I am around most days. There's usually more action in the men's room in the mall, but it is pretty busy there. So most guys hook-up in the mal Maybe I've been going at the wrong time.

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It is out of the way and has a room you enter into before you get to the actual toilet. The restroom is very spacious with several stalls and plenty of room From Mississippi, stay in the right lane on I The Center is four miles from the state line. Upon entering the rest area, bear to the left for lots of passenger vehicle parking. Truck parking is at rear of Welcome Center. You need to make sure you identify the one you are commenting on when you post. Went to two, one close to Pearl River and one going towards the Gulf Coast. Didn't see what y'all are talking about. Love all the peepholes, lots of nice dick to look at.

Guy in the next stall was jacking off and tapped his foot, but a group of tourists came in bef But it's a great setup for cruising.

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Too bad for the damn security. This would probably be a great place since there are so many wooded areas nearby. I am always cruising when riding my bike, looking for sex in the woods. Private study rooms way in the back. West Monroe. They've been working it steady since December. Seem to want to hassles guys just parked by themselves, but they are unif Posted Nov 24 Be carefull of cops. They have been tipped off as to what goes on here. They have been harrassing people. Posted Oct 28 It? I was there between 2 and 4 pm and it seemed like and old and blind man pick up point.

I thought I saw only on There is only one way in and out but you can hear people coming up.

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There are a lot of wooded areas to rendezvous or beach areas for nud Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 4 I've stopped by here many times, always at night and increasing in "lateness. Done everything but invite myself to get into anonymous trucks, naked and R

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