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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Lora, welcome to Recode Decode. It sometimes can be, lots of things can be embarrassing. And I really, truly, hate going to CES and have stopped doing so. Yeah, so we And why did you decide to go into I want a little more background.

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What was the All kinds of Well, I think a big part of it was, I had this insane orgasm when I was about 28 years old. And it was a blended orgasm, and it literally landed me on the floor, and I stared at the ceiling for a minute. So I started really kind of picking that all apart and figuring out, how do you do this? And what I ended up doing is And what was the lay of the land when you looked around at the sector?

I wanted something that was completely hands-free for people with vaginas. And additionally, we wanted to eliminate the use of vibration in favor of human motion, or biomimicry. Yeah, yeah. So I actually created a survey, and I started collecting these data points by surveys. Whoever would talk to me about it, and I wanted to understand And a lot of innovations, like Tinder came from a lot of I remember a site called mtomforsex. A lot of the conceptual ideas were very clearly And AOL for sure definitely benefited from sex talk, essentially.

Not just benefited, it really did fuel a lot of the growth of the company. So, what did we end up watching movies on? The idea that this has been Not at that time. Not when I first started. I was more concerned with the anatomy and physiology, and the workings of it, like how it interfaced with human interface.

They had And I started creating ideas around this and what I wanted that perfect product to look like. I started gathering all that data, and then I Engineering is, period. Not just Oregon State, but in general, what that entails. Oh, prototype, yeah. It might not be pretty, but it works, and that proof of concept is what generally is going to Woman want sex Haddock you to file for a patent, or protect your IP. Oregon State happens to be one of the top four robotics programs in the country, and we had a team of engineers that specialized in robotics. And she was one of the first folks on the team, and we started creating that product, and throwing down the des, and creating proof of concept, and we We just finished filing another four.

What product did you create?

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Because robotics Explain what the product is. And it actually lies underneath the external So that sweeps over the G-spot. And then it flexes over the top of the clitoris to stimulate the clitoris touchlessly, and delivers an additional sensation to the entire body over the course of the clitoris. And why is that?

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What was it Yeah, but go ahead. Why are we eliminating vibration? For me it was in favor of the use of biomimicry. Right, right. And in order to do that, we had to create microrobotics that utilized biomimicry.

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Why had technologies been around vibration? Do you have any idea? Of course, everything looks like hysteria in women, then, so. Another thing is that they Vibrators are great, though. I mean, basically a vibrator is just a motor with a spindle with an offset cam, and you turn it on and it vibrates. So I think vibrators are great, they have their place, but Yeah, I want And inside the device, could you explain And then it Not in the way that we have, no. That we created after federal law created the Opportunity Zones. In Oregon, it happens to be that they are right in the middle of some really great places.

Downtown Portland is one of them, downtown Corvallis, and downtown Bend, so all of our suppliers are there. All kinds of startups. So you were part of these programs that are trying to encourage entrepreneurship in different areas besides Silicon Valley and other places. In addition, we actually took on So, you have this thing, you create a startup. How many people are you employing? Right, and hardware is Woman want sex Haddock. Right, exactly, and most people who do hardware — like from everything from the Fitbit to other things — have very tough going.

Not just to sell and market it but to create it, rather than software that repeats itself over and over again with no additional cost.

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Innovation awards. So we had applied in, I believe, in September, and we received the award in October. The process you have to go through is, you have to get vetted by the CTA, your company has to get vetted and then your product has to get vetted and then they pass it along to a panel of expert judges.

And we were ecstatic. I have a large team of engineers who felt very validated by this. The CTA is They lump everything in. We know that CES has been, or poses itself to be, a pioneer in technology. Everywhere from front of house to back of house, nursing, I was pre-med at Portland State.

So they gave us an award and we started planning for it. When you apply and you get the award, they give you a showcase spot. So if you want to be in the Woman want sex Haddock, you also have to be on the exhibitor floor. So we were applying for the exhibitor floor, you have to pay for that, so we were going through the rigamarole there. You see Naughty America? They do VR porn. Sensory, really neat idea that was connected to an e-reader.

And some other products that have won.

Woman want sex Haddock

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Meet Lora Haddock DiCarlo. She's the woman responsible for the return of sex toys at CES