Not the best time-code control available. Done a gig a week or so ago and it worked fine. Steve Ra December 02, Each of these is time-coded with a signal that the Conectiv hardware transmits to the software, which then decodes it. Much cheaper than comparable alternatives.

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Accessories For Concert Percussion. And unlike most digital DJ systems, Conectiv works with other third-party software as well.

M-Audio Torq Conectiv Software/Interface B&H Photo

conctiv Johnny Frighetto December 01, The system works pretty well, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite as sharp as FinalScratch or Serato Scratch, so serious turntablists might be left disappointed. Call us at I’ve spoke to him and he has informed me that I need to install the conectiv driver that’s associated with all of that.

Speaking of Traktor, Torq’s layout will at torq conectiv be familiar to anybody who’s used that application. So, while Torq conectiv Conectiv is an interesting torq conectiv for M-Audio, it hasn’t yet fulfilled its potential.

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Dan R Employee Torq conectiv 03, The build quality is rugged enough, too, and the Conectiv is certainly small and light enough to fit into a laptop bag.

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How does this make you feel? Minimum System Requirements MAC For use with other software, check software’s minimum system requirements, as they may be higher. Speaking of the interface, known as Conectiv, it offers two sets of stereo ins and outs on DJ-friendly phono jacks including turntable-level inputs.


Came torq conectiv a gig last weekend and my Mac isn’t detecting it. Of course, none of this would be worth a jot if the sound was no good, but fortunately, the quality is on a par with any of the other DJing products and just about passable for more torq conectiv recording duties. Image 2 of 4 The Torq hardware. It makes Torq conectiv far more versatile than your standard DJ interface.

The first time you boot up the software, it automatically configures itself to conecti with Conectiv.

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Torq conectiv methods provide fast response and bi-directional positioning, ensures that Torq precisely tracks the control discs for easy beat-juggling. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws.

Torq conectiv 3 of 4. Hi Dan, I’m looking for the same drivers for Windows 7 and your link has since expired. Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

This does at least ensure seamless integration with the hardware interface, however, which is only designed to conechiv two stereo channels. By connecting a turntable to the Conectiv interface and enabling external control in Torq, the performer is able to cue and scratch, just as if they were using the original records. Accessories Torq conectiv Orchestral Strings.


M-Audio Torq Conectiv with Control Vinyl and CDs | Musician’s Friend

Image 1 of 4. The most unusual feature on torq conectiv front panel is a pair of knobs one for each channel that offer straight analogue blending between the audio interface outputs and the incoming signal. Community-powered support for M-Audio.

I’ll let the team rorq. Conectiv also includes standard DJ cueing capabilities, so you torq conectiv listen to any track in your headphones before sending it out to the house system. Torq conectiv about for macbook pro users? Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions.

The two large knobs allow you to seamlessly mix between the incoming audio from a turntable or CD player with torq conectiv output of a connected Mac or PC.