Page Page Page Page – transmission by redialing resend Page – transmission using the speaker Page Page – resolution settings Page Page Page Page Page – specifying the send size Page Page – entering a fax number with the numeric k Transaction Report Print Select Setting This is used to set the conditions for printing transaction reports. Do not discard the removed waste toner box. The authority of each user is specified by selecting one of these stored groups when the user is stored. Move Select the location to move the selected item. When a default address is configured in “Default Address Setting” OVERVIEW The document filing function allows you to save the document image of a copy or fax transmission job, or the data of a print job, as a file on the machine’s hard drive.

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Stapling positions and the number of staples can be selected to obtain the following stapling results. Scan Auto Mode Switch If a send size smaller than the scan size is selected, the image will be reduced. The functions that are shown in the keys are selected with “Customize Key Example: If user authorization is used, it is convenient to create My Folder. If [Auto] appears in the [Original] key that is displayed when the [Job Detail Settings] key is touched, the size of the placed original is automatically detected.

The ratio cannot be changed. The icon of the selected mode appears on the left. Sharp mx2300n Security Setting When the memory polling function is used, this sharp mx2300n determines whether any machine will be allowed sharp mx2300n poll Password entry screen Sharp mx2300n print a received fax, enter the password that is programmed for this function 4 digits with the numeric keys. If the license appears in the different language, change the language in the language menu.


User Name The user name is configured in “User Registration” The other machine sharp mx2300n correctly specify the F-code configured in your machine or transmission will not sharp mx2300n place. Faxes are sent using the PC-Fax function in the same way as documents are printed. Specify the default settings for “Side 1” front and “Side 2” back with the keys and touch the [OK] key. Default settings sharp mx2300n with these settings apply to all functions of the machine not just the copy function.

The pages are printed so that they can be bound at the side.

This function is useful when you wish to successively scan each sharp mx2300n of a book or other bound document. E-MAIL PRINT An e-mail account can be configured in the machine to have the machine periodically check your mail server and automatically print received e-mail attachments without using the printer driver. This function can be used to forward received Internet faxes directly to an e-mail sharp mx2300n without printing the Internet mx2300n.

sharp mx2300n Up to 7 user types can be stored. The settings used when sharp mx2300n file was stored are also stored, and thus the file can be printed again using those settings. The lowest number not shxrp in use is automatically assigned when you begin the storing procedure.

This function is convenient sharp mx2300n an office or work area that has sharp mx2300n or more telephone lines and another fax machine is connected to a different line than the machine. Original Size Detector Setting One of the five groups of standard original sizes mx2300nn below can be selected for detection by the original size detection function.

User 1 File Name file file file Printing “August Planning Meeting” in the sharp mx2300n left corner of the paper Ready to scan for copy.

Sharp MX-2300N Color Copier

Prohibit Notice Page Printing This setting is used to disable printing of notice pages. This manual refers to keys in which destinations and groups are stored sharp mx2300n one touch keys. Note that two insert sharp mx2300n cannot be inserted between the same pages. Product Key The procedures for entering the product keys of the expansion kits are explained below. Page Page – printing from a macintosh Page Page Page Page Page Page – directly printing from sharp mx2300n machine Page Page – directly printing a file in usb memory Page Page – directly printing from a computer Page – e-mail print Page – printing an encrypted pdf file Page nx2300n giving a print job priority Page – canceling a print job Page Page – specifications Page Shadp Page Page – Table Of Contents Page – Table Of Contents Page – Table Of Contents Page Page Page – base screen of fax mode Page Page Page Page Page – fax transmission sequence Page Page – basic sharp mx2300n Page Page Page – transmittable original sizes Page – when the line is busy Xm2300n – using the automatic document feeder for To enable the Mixed Size Sharp mx2300n setting, change the scan size setting to auto and then touch the [Mixed Size Original] mx2300h again.

Recent Drivers  EPIA M10000 DRIVER


This sharp mx2300n the file in the USB device. Fax Default Settings The fax default settings can be configured to suit the needs of your workplace.

Job key display The following information is shown in the job queue keys and completed job keys that appear in the job status screen.

The icon at the left indicates sharp mx2300n mode.