One minor complaint is that the catch requires a firm push to lock it into place. The heat did become quite a bit hotter while running the benchmarks and the fan kicked in at high-speed. It looks almost like the corners are shaded. Remove one screw securing wireless card. I also wanted a notebook from a company that offered a reliable accidental warranty and with local repair depots. The keys are responsive and large enough to make typing very comfortable and fast.

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Toshiba Portege S100 Review (pics, specs)

Portege s100 is the machine when lortege to its maximum and not really reflective of its behavior in normal use. Remove one screw securing hard drive cover.

Remove the memory module. Lift up and remove both heat sinks. Toshiba S back side view larger image Wireless: Remove two screws securing the cooling fan. Pull the wireless card antenna cables through the opening. STEP 12 Portege s100 two screws securing the notebook display. Portability portege s100 an important factor in a business notebook, but equally vital is a strong and durable chassis to ensure its survival on the road.

However, by turning down some of portege s100 options, the game runs exceptionally smooth.

Recent Drivers  SONY TRV140E DRIVER

Toshiba Portege S disassembly guide

Sound quality is definitely above average for a notebook but still lacking in bass and a bit piercing in the high-ranges. I know Lenovo is supposed to have a solid reputation for end-user portege s100, so maybe my experience was isolated in portege s100. STEP 1 Remove the battery.

For what I use it for, this notebook is plenty fast portege s100 always responsive. I have yet to contact customer support about anything other than activation of the warranty.

Remove one screw securing wireless card. In the end, 2hrs of driving around was enough portege s100 get my hands on the notebook I wanted. I find the notebook to be quite easy on the eyes, but it is not portege s100 to attract the same kind of attention as an Apple, Sony or the bright red Acer Ferrari. STEP 9 Remove one screw portge securing power button board cover.

Portege SS Support | Toshiba

Disconnect two cables connecting the VGA board to the motherboard. Portege s100 find this portege s100 good place to put them as they are unobstructed during use as opposed to putting them portege s100 the palm-rest. You portege s100 do this step before all other steps. It is usually very responsive but I have noted a few moments where movement did not register, especially when opening windows or switching applications.


Remove two screws securing the power button board. Disconnect video cable from the motherboard. Remove one screw securing the DVD drive. Remove three screws securing the keyboard.

The heat did become quite a bit hotter while running the benchmarks and the fan kicked in at high-speed.

Toshiba Portege S100 Specifications

Lift up the hard drive portrge to pull it to the right. After tweaking the power management software, I managed to keep the S zippy while keeping fan noise to a minimum. Even poortege this level of output, it was not overly hot or loud. Disconnect hard drive from the connector. Portege s100 all screws from the laptop bottom.

This may seem odd portege s100 some notebooks have them off-center for whatever reason, which irritates me to no portege s100. Now you can remove the second memory module.