Perhaps not good for somebody with poor vision. ExpertGPS can do it 5x faster! Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld. And you can add your own detailed description to any waypoint – store as much information as you need. The active route indicates the direction required to reach your destination. The Time screen displays the current time, estimated time enroute, time of arrival, and elapsed time in regards to the route you are navigating.

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The back cover is different compared to the Meridian range as the back cover doesn’t actually come apart. While using the Speed screen, you can view the graphical speedometer, odometer, and trip odometer as well as the numerical bearing, course-over-ground and speed-over-ground.

Magellan SporTrak Map GPS Review

The batteries last longer then the Garmin, and it has a better night light. As you move over the map, the current township, range, and section is displayed. It just takes a few seconds when you get back to your desk to have ExpertGPS automatically geotag your photos.

Add and remove keywords and descriptions. Transfer data back to your Magellan SporTrak Map with a single click.

As this Magellan GPS is water-resistant, you can ensure easy tracking even during the rainy season. The sensitivity of the antenna is outstanding, with one of the fastest acquisition I’ve seen even in doors and under canopy.

As I followed the indicated direction, the time to arrival and distance is also displayed. If you’re looking to use the SporTrak Map for walks and hikes, you will certainly like the Track back feature which is more accurate than Garmin’s equivalent system allowing you to accurately track back to each waypoint, which makes it easy if you get lost and need to re-trace your steps.


But in contrast to modern units which can hold the entire U.

Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld | eBay

Create a multileg route using your Magellen SporTrak. Two AA batteries Battery Life: Add and remove keywords and descriptions. Waypoints on the Magellan SporTrak Color can contain up mageloan 8 characters.

It has a clearer screen and is very easy to use. I don’t like maellan new style gps on the market I’m very happy with my purchase The Position screen displays the coordinates of your last computed position and basic navigation data.

These are actual 1: Browse Magellan SporTrak Map tips by category: This ability to toggle back-and-forth between several views of your GPS data is unique to ExpertGPS, and is one of magrllan most popular features. Your GPS limits the length of waypoint names to 8, but ExpertGPS will let you give your waypoints user-friendly names and descriptions that can be as long as you want.

This feature is so popular in ExpertGPS, we’ve added a hot key F7 that will automatically launch Google Earth and zoom in on your hiking waypoints and tracklogs.

How to Use a Magellan SporTrak

Why waste time entering new waypoints on the tiny screen of your Magellan SporTrak Color? When they get back, they use ExpertGPS to upload all of their Magellan waypoints, routes, and tracks onto their computer and save it. All Garmin Edge cycling computers. All of your data is automatically reprojected to the new format and datum.

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And you can add your own detailed description to any waypoint – store as much information as you need. Plotting your current position in relation to surrounding landmarks is fun and easy, and your GPS sportraj function will find street addresses and points of interest, quickly and safely guiding you to those locations.

Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld

ExpertGPS lets you build up long routes quickly – just click waypoints one-by-one on the map to connect sportrka into a route for your Sportrk SporTrak Color. As this Magellan GPS is preloaded with detailed map of North America, you can accurately find your way to restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations and ATMs with ease. And you can add your own detailed description to any waypoint – store as much information as you need.

ExpertGPS will save you hours on this one task alone! All RinoAstro, and Alpha radio trackers. Megan Mattingly-Arthur has been writing professionally since Upload waypoints, routes, and tracks to your GPS and print a matching map out to take with you into the field.