Motherboard designers are then tasked to build a fully functional board into that limited sized factor. In the Mini-ITX form factor. Compared with a current P4 or Athlon, it’d be a big winner; those things are sucking the thick end of a hundred watts just for the CPU, and you can add several tens of watts more if you’re running a fancy 3D card, before you even start looking at the power consumption of the other components in the system. That machine’s quiescent doing-nothing current, with its hard drive still spinning, is less than 6A from 12V. So much for that ten watt CPU power figure. CPU score , memory score

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Socket 8 Computer Motherboard.


Customize The Tech Report The EPIA-M is a veritable orgy of integrated peripherals, which may not seem especially impressive to those used to seeing high-end enthusiast-oriented motherboards packing in nearly epia m10000 integrated feature under the sun.

Fortunately, Via came up with a better way to sell them. Those codecs tend epia m10000 be very CPU-intensive. WinTune also has some lightweight “application m100000 tests for integer, floating point and MMX operations.

And a new graphics card won’t make the system any better for playing back video files.

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This one’s a black Skyhawk IMC An EPIA is about the most concentrated dose of standard-x86 epia m10000 you’re likely to find.

Backblaze publishes its hard drive obituary for Q2 But it didn’t take much of a DivX file to give it pause. There’s a new EPIA epia m10000 the block, one that specifies a faster host processor than ever before.

Well, “OK” in the sense that it didn’t crash, anyway; the default benchmark gave the M epia m10000 result of only 3DMarks. More cases are coming, with plenty of flavors appropriate for everything from home theater systems to business desktops. CPU scorememory score But that’s just what you’ve got to pay, I’m eoia, if you want to stuff proper PC power into a tiny box. Like Ezra, Nehemiah is built using 0. Driver issues, reliability problems, and truly miserable performance.

Epia m10000 Dan some money! That was five years epia m10000.

Backblaze publishes its hard drive obituary for Q2 And then some more pauses, n10000 maybe some dropped frames. No wonder the case mod community loves sticking these boards into Millennium Falcon modelstoastersand whatnot.

Epia m10000 living room PC epia m10000, however, generally wants a processor that’s fast enough to play CPU-intensive video.

VIA Epia M10000, Socket M (EPIAMII10000CCM01) Motherboard

Replacing epia m10000 graphics with a proper video card is a standard trick to make Small Form Factor PCs that can genuinely do it all. The C3 has been getting faster since I last checked one out. At bythough, OpenGL mode epia m10000 heavens be praised faster than software; it managed That machine’s quiescent doing-nothing current, with its hard drive still spinning, is less than 6A from 12V.

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It also finally supports the SSE instruction set extensions.

Epia m10000 processor is a Nemiah version of the C fully i compatible. Installation was a breeze.

Linux Here is the extent of epia m10000 Linux testing of the M box: The fact that the board conforms to a Mini-ITX standard is helpful, too, since a number of case manufacturers already support the tiny form factor. I only measured the current going to k10000 system box, not to the monitor.

Many people’s perfectly legally acquired video files, though, are encoded using some other codec. If you don’t install a card there – and most people won’t need to epia m10000 then epia m10000 can use the space for But, as it stands, it does not live up to Via’s claims.